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Hand crafted Bog Wood plaques designed for all occasions:

Bog Wood is created from trees preserved in bog for thousands of years. The result is a hardy yet elegant product that creates a unique and beautiful gift or lasting memento.
Bog Oak is a dark wood that is carbon dated to be 6000+ years old.
Bog Yew is a lighter wood that is a little younger at just 4800+ years.
The Wood is laser engraved with your personal message. We can add family crests, logos, dates & text.

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Engraved bog oak pen. Personalised Irish bog oak pen gift Bog wood plaque engraved for Christening Bog wood plaque engraved with family crests. (Coat of Arms)
Engraved bog wood pen
Price: €34.99
Irish Bog Wood Plaque
Price: €159.99


Handcrafted Irish bog wood pen personalised with special text or company logo.

Impressive and unique Bog Wood plaque, individually created as a special gift to celebrate an important occasion.

Elegant and sturdy Bog Wood plaque, engraved with family crests and your message making a lasting gift to celebrate the union of two families.

Bog wood plaque engraved for any occasion. Bog wood commemorative plaque engraved for any occasion
Irish Bog Wood Plaque
Price: €230.00


Impressive and unique Bog Wood Plaque, individually created for a special gift or to commemorate an important event.

Elegant and unique bog wood plaque, perfect to commemorate an important event for your business or club.


Personalised Irish Gifts created especially for you.

*It will typically take 3-5 days to design and create your gift.
*If you require a more urgent gift please contact us.
*We will always email you with a layout proof for approval prior to creating your gift.