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Bog Wood - FAQ
Last Updated: 16/08/2013
1.What is Bog Wood?

Although Bog Wood was not created in the most beautiful way - the results are truly stunning.  Around 4000BC  the bogs of Ireland spread and trees at the edges of the bogs were covered with water and eventually formed part of the bog.  The bog wood was preserved  by the acidic and anaerobic (no oxygen) bog waters which prevented the wood from decaying normally. Bogs are noted for their preservation properties and many interesting artifacts have been unearthed from Irish bogs over the years.
The bog wood we use is made from parts of trees - usually stumps that have been uncovered usually when draining or extracting peat from bogs. Often in boggy land the bog wood also rises to the surface, and is then removed.

The bog wood we use has been air dried for at least 12 months before it is cut into plaques and finished.

2. What are the different types of Bog Wood?
We work with both Bog Yew and Bog Oak. Bog Yew is the younger of the two at approx 4800+ years old and is a lighter colour wood. Bog Oak is a dark wood and just slightly older at 6000+ years.

3. What can I engrave on Bog Wood?
Almost anything. We currently engrave wedding wishes, names, special messages and quotes. We also create timeless wedding gifts to celebrate the union of two families by engraving family crests and your special message. We do not recommend that you engrave images onto Bog Wood and would instead recommend one of our Slate Gifts.

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